Parental Control App to Protect Your Kid's Eyes from Excessive Device Use & Myopia

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Protect your child's eye health and encourage healthy mobile device use with planoApp - every parent’s digital com...

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  • Published: October 8, 2020


    Protect your child's eye health and encourage healthy mobile device use with planoApp - every parent’s digital companion.

    About planoApp

    Plano is designed to reduce the risk factors associated with myopia (short-sightedness) and manage your child’s device use, all within 1 simple-to-use app. Plano's features help parents to limit screen time for kids, manage and block apps, track what apps your kids are using and monitor their time spent on smartphones and tablets. Plano has cross-device functionality so you just need one parent account to add as many children account as required.

    Plano a parental control phone usage monitor app was incubated with support from the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC) and is in partnership with a global leader in eye care, Santen.

    Plano’s mission is to empower people to achieve their best vision and eye health through education and science-driven technological solutions. Save Sight, Empower Lives!


    PLANO Parental Control Features:


    Device control & safety (Parental Control)

    • Device Schedule: Set times when your child cannot use their device.

    • Remote Locking: Remotely lock your child’s device from your phone.

    • Track Device Use: Keep track of the time your child spends on their device and their frequently used apps.

    • Parental app blocker: Keep your child safe from harmful internet content by blocking apps and online browsing.


    Science-based alerts

    • Eye-to-Screen Detection: Ensures your child has a healthy distance between screen and eyes.

    • Eye Break Prompts: Encourages and rewards your kids to manage their screen time

    • Posture Monitoring: Calibrates and ensures your child’s posture to encourage healthy smart device use.

    • Low Light Detection: Detects when your kids are using their device in bad lighting.

    • Blue Light Filter: Helps your kids to sleep better at night by activating the blue light filter.


    Digital wellness and regular eye checkups

    • Eye Check Booking: Ensure your child gets the right service and comprehensive eye check ups through the Plano eye check up singapore.

    • Detailed Progress Reports: View individualized reports on your child’s mobile device use & screen time

    • Eye Health Records: Keep track of your child’s eye test results.


    A fun and rewarding way to develop safe habits

    • Points-based reward system for kids to encourage positive reinforcement

    • Encourage your child to take charge of their eye habits & screen time while having fun!

    • Plano rewards are linked to actions of responsible device use and good eye habits.


    Real rewards for positive behavior

    • Unlock exclusive discounts on a variety of fun activities for both children and the whole family

    • Plano Shop activities are curated in themes for family fun away from the screen

    • Themes include Outdoor Adventures, Fun Activities, Sports & Games, and learn new skills under Enrichment & Education.

    Download app

    Plano is FREE to download the parental control app for android and iphone to use it. The eye health features and a collection of the safety functions will always be FREE to use. New users will also get a 30-day trial for the premium features. You can try out the child protection features such as the remote child lock and scheduling no-device time.

    Choose from the different plans we offer below: 

    (a) Health - Free 

    (b) Health Plus - SGD2.98/month 

    (c) Health Max - SGD29.98/year


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